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FinTech Association of
South Africa

To bring together the South Africa FinTech community to find sustainable solutions, creating a conducive environment to stimulate innovation and promote best practice in an open, collaborative and progressive way.

Collaboration and a unified voice is critical to the advancement of the South African FinTech community

Andres Perez – Founder of FINASA

Our Mission

FinTech Association of South Africa

To nurture and empower the thriving FinTech ecosystem that acts as a catalyst in the development of South Africa’s financial services industry to accelerate socio-economic growth.

This will be achieved via fairness, inclusion, diversity and equality across the eco-system.

The association’s aim is to create a conducive environment to stimulate innovation in the sector by increasing access, transparency and have a voice with regulators.


Bringing together the diverse parts of the community to encourage open dialogue, collaboration and co-creation to support the growth of the fintech ecosystem through the development of robust, reliable technology.


Learn from existing leaders and nurture the next generation of talent, attract greater investment and build capacity for the industry to create cutting edge quality solutions that directly address pain points of their customers and the community at large.


Create a unified voice for the South Africa FinTech ecosystem and engage critical stakeholders in the development of timely proportionate and effective policy and regulation.

Our Values

Join Our Community

Membership brings a wide range of benefits, including opportunities for increased business growth and partnerships, greater exposure and influence, exclusive business insights, and commercial offers and discounts. 


Connect with leading individuals and organisations in the FinTech ecosystem to gain an in-depth understanding of the latest industry developments.


Network with individuals and organisations in the local FinTech community through FINASA Events as well as our partner events at a priority and discounted price.


Identify symbiotic partnership opportunities to collaborate with organisations who share similar goals and/or complementary business models.


Supercharge offshore growth ambitions with connections into other national FinTech associations and industry bodies.


Attract and recruit a mix of leading local and international talent in both finance and technology to aid your company’s growth aspirations.


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Education is a key pillar of FINASA and through our blogs, we would like to keep the community updated about various themes and developments in the Fintech Industry.